Spartan Private Security’s Training Philosophy

Our approach to training is hands-on and experience-based. We don’t believe in just having our staff watch videos or read books. We get them out there – practicing convoy operations, moving and shooting, communicating effectively. Particularly for our protection personnel, staying current with global events is non-negotiable. The world is changing rapidly, and every shift […]

From Bounty Hunters to Security Experts: The Spartan Private Security Story

Hello, I’m Ryan Miller, President and CEO of Spartan Private Security. Our story starts with three of us as bounty hunters in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and has since transformed into the multifaceted security operation we run today. In the early days, our focus was solely on bail bonds and recoveries. This period was foundational, not […]

Do You Have the Spark?

When we talk about building our team, we’re not just looking for candidates; we’re searching for individuals who possess a unique quality we like to call ‘the spark.’ It’s this intrinsic attribute that sets our security personnel apart and ensures we provide the highest level of protection to those we serve. The spark is not […]